You can tell Amery Rey Tuesta is a peculiarly passionate man. Passionate about life, passionate about music, passionate about ‘things’.

If you haven’t heard his latest release “Golden Paradise”, it offers an insight into how the artist is well aware of the many pulling forces which shape life such as doubt, struggle, reasoning, indecision and love, as I particularly like the bohemian musician’s enthusiasm and artistry. You can tell that there’s a story to be told here, there’s a voice which is longing to be heard and a soul that wants to break free from human conditioning…

“Golden Paradise” incorporates different styles such as indie, punk, alt-pop and boardwalk rock, which combine to make a powerful and captivating release, perfect for inspiration as its fighting spirit shines through!

Also, Amery’s delivery here reminds me of and is an amalgamation of bands such as The Cure, Artic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand all in one. Indeed, an interesting combination of styles which make Amery’s music even more intriguing, but overall, it’s the intensity in his execution that does it for me… it’s very refreshing!

Production-wise, the release is short and sweet, the arrangement is dynamic and bold, while his vocal performance is in a way, very artistic and expressive.

“All I know is music. My first song wrote was a solo guitar peace at the age of 17 years old. Songwriting was always my passion. On my own first and later in bands” the artist explains.

The talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is also working on an upcoming album which will be titled “My Statement Will Be Called” which he’s hoping to release at some point this year, but speaking on why music to him is so important, Amery Rey Tuesta had the following to say:

“Music has helped me to confront to myself. It gave me strength, trust, confidence and determination” and “Nobody listens to music 24 hour a day. No one! People listen music to feel good and to forget the world in which we live in. Golden Paradise is the world we want to forget […]” – highlighting his integrity, humanity and positive nature.

So overall, what I liked most about “Golden Paradise” and the music video is its vibrant energy, dramatic delivery and conscious message which together make the release a very enjoyable listen which only gets better and better with each play!