“Are you out there…?”

“Souls for Robots” is the desperate call for human empathy to be restored once and for all by the Phoenix based rock band One World Government, as they release a song which carries one of the most powerful messages of 2017 so far, aided by the visuals of the talented Rebecca Linton who contributed in bringing it all to life, as vividly as possible, while deploying hard hitting imagery, touching you at the very core of your being.

Although this is not the first time the band has been on our radar, they’ve managed to build on the great soundscape they already had, with a new music video that will leave you speechless this time around.

“There are two storylines going on… The first one is the daughter who has lost her father. The second, is a business man who loses his wife to death, as he contemplates suicide by jumping off a building. The main part is what people will be like soon at these events with their phones and tablets” – Paul Barrett, the lead singer and founder of the band points out.

The sonic body of “Souls For Robots” is a subtle fusion of psychedelic, alternative and classic rock, cohesively put together with a masterful arrangement and a thrilling vocal delivery from Paul Barrett,  aided by James Linton on the leading guitar and overall engineering process. Although the single sounds great on its own, “Souls For Robot” wouldn’t be complete without this stunning video, which takes the song’s meaning and concept to its highest potential.

So this may be perhaps, a masterstroke from the Phoenix based band… Let’s hope it gets the attention it really deserves, fingers crossed