“Gospel Train” is the latest release by acclaimed Gospel singer-songwriter Michael Stosic, who just had the most unbelievable year in 2016, having been nominated for the highly coveted “New Music Weekly Magazine 2017 New Music Awards” as the AC New Music Artist of The Year!

The album is a superb collection of new material from Michael, touching upon subjects of Life, Devotion to the Holy Spirit and Love. It starts off unexpectedly, with the high energy “Gospel Train” which is followed by the inspiringly positive “He Will Reign Forever”. “Teach My Children Well” is perhaps one of my favourite songs in the album and is perhaps the lane that suits Michael best – musically. It is a sort of emotional ballad, dedicated to Michael’s offspring but also relatable to anyone who has children, little siblings or little cousins as Michael really advocates love for the little ones.

Michael is a caring person, not just in music but also in real life, as he is heavily involved with not for profit organisations such as “Feed The Nations,” in a bid to tackle the hunger in Zimbabwe for the people in need… That alone separates Michael from the common man – he is really out there trying to make a change!

Back to the album though, “This is The Day” offers another emotionally charged delivery, with joyous, bright lyrics to soothe your inner fire. A song which transmits relaxation and a grounded sense of security, followed by the edgier “Lead Me To The Rock” – a short american rock Gospel gem, which gives way to the bubbly “On The Wings Of Love”.

The stylish “Bridge of Hope”, the introspective “Remember The Cross” and He’s Alive” followed by the amazing “I Believe” (Gospel Remix) – close the incredibly important album “Gospel Train” from this talented, caring and selfless Gospel artist. We want more Michael… Spread the word!