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When artists like Chris DeMarco come around, it’s hard not to pay attention – “Cherry Boy” is one of the stand out singles available on the singer’s latest full length album titled “Genetic Marker”.

Chris who began his musical journey back in 1969 stands out from the crowd with a vintage story telling style, which sets him apart from most musicians: His music is mysterious, revealing and intriguing as the singers voice offers escapism while painting a clear and vivid picture to the listener.

“Cherry Boy” speaks about the trials and tribulations of an individual who left home as a boy… and returned a changed man, having experienced the dehumanising effects of war, as Chris once again delivers an important message through his music. One that can be chilling and haunting at times while offering first hand insight as to what happens psychologically to a war veteran and how “Cherry Boy” reacts to an ever evolving world where many are left to suffer in silence and despair.

A cleverly-written and perception altering release, brilliantly executed by the visionary singer songwriter – Deserving of some serious recognition!