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Aussie sensation Julia Jacklin dropped off brand new tune “Body” this week.


A slow burning, country-tinged guitar number, the track showcases Jacklin’s intimate lyrics, wonderful vocals, and is a taste of what fans can expect with her next major release.


The tune came accompanied with a new video shot by Jacklin’s school friend Nick McKinlay. On the clip Jacklin says:


Nick and I drove out to the Hay Plain which is one of my favourite parts of Australia and filmed this clip. We spent about 14 hours in the car, jumping out when something looked beautiful. Whenever I listened to this song I knew the clip had to be a driving one, destination unknown.

The song speaks for itself I think but I’d say it’s just a very long and exaggerated sigh. Born from feelings of powerlessness when it comes to the impossible task of representing yourself the way you think is right; personally and professionally. When you feel like everything is for the taking no matter what you do.