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Recharge your mind and batteries with the brand new, adrenaline fuelled EP by the extremely talented Matt Hurray, titled “Diamond Head Dumb Head”, just released this month!

The EP is part of a series which will feature a collection of carefully selected songs, which have had an impact and influenced the guitarist’s music and sound, as the first instalment which is four tracks deep includes: The Rising Surf (originally performed by The Tandems), Walk, Don’t Run (originally performed by The Ventures), Monterey Sunset ((originally performed by The Hoodoo Gurus), and Penetration (originally performed by The Challengers).

Matt who’s been making a name for himself with well produced, stand out release efforts since he began his solo career in 2012, having previously been a member of pop rock band ‘Just Plain Big’, has produced an EP which captures all the brilliant aspects that originally made us fall in love with the genre! “Diamond Head Dumb Head” is a transcendental rock experience, it feeds and provides context to the listener with a thrilling soundscape and an exhilarating performance from the maverick artist. Listening to it just once isn’t enough tough, it quickly becomes an addiction and before you know it, you’ll have it playing on loop time and time again! Let it become the soundtrack to your day and see how that changes it for the better. Allow its fluidity to carry you and its electricity to charge you up whenever you’re feeling low and it’s guaranteed to uplift, you as adrenaline fills and pumps you up to heightened levels of being!

…What’s not to like? Catchy up beat vibes and on point, raw instrumental sounds?Just give it a try below and let’s see if you can handle the sauce!