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An artist whose career began in 1986 as he entered the Gospel music world with the release of “Brand New Love” (his debut solo album), Michael Stosic is back with a brand new effort, this time a remix of his own superb track “I Believe” with Grammy Award nominated singer-songwriter Gordon Chambers.

The song is an unwavering declaration of faith and devotion to God and Jesus Christ, performed beautifully by the experienced singer songwriter, who leads a group of gospel singers alongside Gordon, as they combine to take the release to new heights!

The production is light and crisp clear, and we can easily see it top the Spiritual and Gospel charts country-wide and perhaps internationally as well.

Stosic already has a steady following and a growing fanbase as much of his previous work has reached a wide range of listeners, to the point where the singer started receiving letters and phone calls from fans across America praising his previous work!

For those of you who like Gospel music, the song won’t disappoint and is sure to spark the holy flame within you as Michael delivers note after note of pure joy and love for us all to rejoice in. An absolute pleasure to listen to.