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What does one do, when things aren’t going so well, and the world feels like its caving in on you? The answer is very simple – You put on some Michael Stosic and forget about the world and its problems, as your attention turns to blessings and your mood immediately brightens up!

Yep, it’s true. Michael is the type of artist that will invariably affect your mood for the better. His latest release, which is actually a re-release, is titled “Welcome Home” and is perhaps the medicine that the doctor just ordered. Lively, sociable and deeply satisfying are some of the traits that jump to mind when you fully listen to it.

The album has also been re-recorded, remixed and remastered, and we must say that it is sounding like a million bucks. 10x better overall quality than its original release (which we’ve had a chance to listen to a while back), Michael enhanced what was already a pretty amazing piece of work and completely took it to the next level!

“Throughout the Mixing and Mastering process one thing about Michael became more and more evident: he pours all of his passion into his music. With songs about losing loved ones, the bond between his, and the horrible events that took place at the Emmanuel Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina; Michael has truly put all of his emotion and heart into this album.”

There’s many highlights in this album such as the seemingly Motown influenced “The Story Doesn’t End Here”, the title track “Welcome Home”, the insightful singles “The Least of These” which is my favourite, and “Father Forgive me” amongst others.

Apparently this album will be going out to radio very soon, which is not really a surprise as Michael Stosic’s music is definitely radio ready. Specially this re-worked album as it captures the essence of Michael’s music, artistry and soul with great vibes, inspiring lyrics as always and a much more professional delivery and overall sound!

It’s 9 a out 10 for us!