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New York based Mr Twin Sister continues their funky disco-tinged pop kick with “Power of Two,” their groovy follow up single to last month’s “Echo Arms.” The band formerly known as Twin Sister hasn’t announced anything yet, but with singles out every month this summer, hopefully a new album release is right around the corner.


I can’t decide where I’d rather hear “Power of Two” more: a small bar with a disco ball, or my bedroom. No matter where you’re hearing it though, it’s a song you can get lost in. From the moment that funky guitar comes in, I can’t help but move my body to the beat. Groovy layers of funky bass, disco synths, all kinds of percussion, and Andrea Estella’s sultry voice beckon me to come hither and dance.


What is the power of two? I’m not really sure, but like Andrea says in the song, “Don’t question everything.” Maybe that’s the real power of two.