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When music is written and performed from the heart, it somehow brings a sense of connection to the artists involved, without even needing to physically see them, as their confident delivery and warm execution is enough to ground you in.

Such is the case with Natalie Jean and one of New Jersey’s finest singer songwriters – Michael Peloso and their revitalising single “Alive” which features the awe inducing vocals of songstress Natalie Jean.

Beautiful lyrics open up this touching release, with Natalie’s commanding voice guiding this subtle yet inspiring arrangement as she sings “Sun set, sun rises / Moments etched in time /Taking them with us / On heights we will climb / People don’t remain the same / Even cupid had bad aim / But when it comes to me & you / I guess he is to blame”

Written by Michael with the help of F. & S. Vitale, the song speaks about a romantic connection, and all the great things that arise from it (love).

“Alive” is not just some soft, wishy-washy song… it’s actually real, timeless, contemporary-pop music, performed with a passion and intent which is felt throughout this piece as both performers make it seem so effortless.

I would imagine it sounds great live too, perhaps a track that should be playing in local and national radio stations, as the arrangement, vocal execution and engineering are all on par with some of the more established acts out there at the moment… so I say… why not!?

With this release,  Natalie Jean & Michael Peloso were able to transmit a sense of serenity and hope which is very welcomed as the world navigates through so much trouble and negativity. That deserves plenty of praise and admiration in my book! You can’t go wrong with this single where soul soothing guitars, complement Natalie’s imposing voice in a brilliant and uplifting manner.

… So, are you ready to fly? If so, give it a listen here but be warned – you may not want to land again. Yes… because the single is that good!