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When was the last time you partied a storm? If you haven’t done it for a while then Natalie Jean’s latest offering “Red Room Remix” will have you up busting moves and cutting shapes quicker than you can blink!

Originally released from Natalie’s album “Unafraid”, which was released on July 8th, 2016 and according to the artist it’s based on a true story. It relates to her seeing someone who after 6 months left everything in a mess but still acted like everything was all good. Obviously something the sassy singer is not going to stand for!

The track features a nouveau EDM beat, complete with thumping kicks, penetrating synths and lots of base, supported and carried by Natalie’s lush vocals and vengeful, unapologetic lyrics. The artist who has music in her blood, is a talented award winning singer/songwriter and performer, having been introduced to the world of music by her father whom she used to sing along with as a child, Guy R. Jean – a famous Haitian artist!

With an extensive list of accolades including being nominated for the Best Dance Category in the 2014 Artist in Music Awards, as well as having 5 nominations in The 2014 Indie Music Music Channel Awards for Best Blues Song, Best Blues Artist, Best Jazz Song, Best Best Rap Song, and Best R&B Artist. She was also nominated in the LA Music Awards in the Pop category,  made the top 30 in the international Category in the Australian Songwriting Contest along with other accomplishments.

Natalie who is very busy goes on to explain, “I am currently working on several musical collaborations with other artists. Hoping to release a new album in June 2017. I will be performing at Kulak’s Woodshe on February 9th, in LA. I will also be attending the Grammy’s on February 12, 2017. I am a voting member of the Recording Academy” – highlighting her busy and demanding schedule.

Overall, “Red Room Remix” is an energetic, stratospheric and trailblazing release which doesn’t disappoint, while showcasing the artist’s versatility and vocal talent. A great effort and hit single in the making by the songstress which is already raking up the count plays on soundcloud! Give it a listen below!