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So first impressions listening to Italian alternative rock band Peter Piper, is that they pretty much rock! As most know, these impressions can be nearly impossible to reverse or difficult to undo, making it extremely important, for they set the tone for what follows. Always put your best foot forward and the group has done just that.

We were really impressed with the passion and execution from the group as well as the style that they are finessing in this “Temporary Surface EP” which was recorded at “Real Sound Studios” in Milan, and is also available on cd and on limited edition 10″ transparent vinyl on the group’s Bandcamp page below.

What we like most about this project is the variation of styles, the professionalism in which they conduct themselves throughout and the fact that they’re from Italy, although you wouldn’t really be able to tell as they sound american themselves! The EP being 5 songs in length is also an added plus as it adds practicality to the listening experience as you can easily play it without having to worry about being bored or it being too long – it’s just right.

All songs are different and as said before they vary in style, probably a direct result of the bands different backgrounds and influences, as the 5 member group creativity levels are through the roof! Giack Bazz is the lead vocalist and comes from an indie background, Francesco (guitar) comes from a classic/grunge background John Lupo (guitar) from a more funky background and both the bassist Federico Salvarani and drummer Federico Bedostri are more into progressive rock. Mash it all up together, and you have a dynamic, far-sighted and super talented set!

In summary, we think this EP is really good and it stands out from much of the generic rock music we’ve come across recently. The band’s sound is punchy, edgy and alternative. A couple of creative music videos for one or two of the tracks wouldn’t be a bad idea either… but all in all, it’s an absolutely incredible short play from the Italians! We want to hear more.